Times of The School Day

The School Day 

Reception and KS1 (Y1/2) (Total hours per week 32hrs 30 mins)

 8.40am - 3.15pm 

Arrival time:           8.40am

Gates locked:         8.45am (start of the day registration)

Finishing time:        3.15pm


KS2 - Years 3 -6  (Total hours per week 32hrs 55mins) 

8.40am - 3.20pm

Arrival time:           8.40am

Gate locked at:       8.45am  (start of the day - registration)

Finishing time:        3.20pm


Break and Lunchtimes

Breaktime - 11.00am - 11.15am

Lunchtime - 12.15pm -1.00pm  


Late Collection at the end of the school day


We teach all children that if their parent/carer has not arrived at the end of school, they must wait at the school office. 

We ask that parents and carers advise the school office if they are delayed, so that your child can be reassured.   

In the unlikely event of a delay of over 30 minutes, your child will be taken to after school club – please be advised there is a charge for this.