Times of The School Day

The School Day 

Reception and KS1 (Y1/2) (Total hours per week 32hrs 30 mins)

 8.40am - 3.15pm 

Arrival time:           8.40am

Gates locked:         8.45am (start of the day registration)

Finishing time:        3.15pm


Which gate do I use?

Fossdale Road KS1 gate or Crowden Road pedestrian gate


If using Crowden Road pedestrian gate parents can make their way across the car park using the pedestrian crossing to the green gate at the entrance to the Key Stage 1 building (at the top of the steps). A member of staff will greet the children at the gate at 8:40am and pupils will make their way onto the Key Stage 1 playground to meet their teacher. Parents/Carers will NOT be allowed to enter the playground but should then make their way off the school site.

At the end of the school day please collect your child from the gate they were brought to in the morning.


KS2 - Years 3 -6  (Total hours per week 32hrs 55mins) 

8.40am - 3.20pm

Arrival time:           8.40am

Gate locked at:       8.45am  (start of the day - registration)

Finishing time:        3.20pm


Which gate do I use?

Fossdale Road KS2 gate or Crowden Road Gate by the vehicle gate.


At the end of the school day children will be brought to the gate they entered through in the morning at 3.20pm


Arriving late:

If you arrive after 8.45am the gates will be locked. You will need to bring your child to the main school gate on Crowden Road to be signed in at the office your child will get a late mark. Please telephone or use the intercom system to alert the office that you are there.  


We ask parents to complete a collection form so we know who has permission to collect your child. Please ensure you keep us up to date. If you will not be collecting your child, please ensure you inform your child who is collecting them before they come into school. Year 5 and year 6 children are allowed to walk home alone if we have written consent from parents stating this.


Break and Lunchtimes

Breaktime - 11.00am - 11.15am

Lunchtime - 12.15pm -1.00pm  


Late Collection at the end of the school day


We teach all children that if their parent/carer has not arrived at the end of school, they must wait at the school office. 

We ask that parents and carers advise the school office if they are delayed, so that your child can be reassured.   

In the unlikely event of a delay of over 30 minutes, your child will be taken to after school club – please be advised there is a charge for this.