School Liaison and Support Officer - Mrs Bevan

Mrs Claire Bevan

School Liaison and Support Officer

My name is Mrs Bevan and I work as the School Liaison & Support Officer


The aim of the School Liaison & Support Officer role is to ensure that all children enjoy school and are happy and secure.


I can help by providing: 

  • One to one support and advice.
  •  Nurture / reason specific sessions with children.
  •  Support and advice to parents / Carers.
  •  Signposting to other agencies including school nurse , Malachi and Local Support Team referrals.
  •  Support around attendance / punctuality.


My job role includes some of the following


  • Offering support/nurture in school.


  • Supporting parents/carers and families.
  •  Improving attendance and punctuality.
  •  Promoting positive behaviour.


During term time I will work in partnership with parents/carers, school staff and other agencies to support families, aiming to reduce current issues and prevent future difficulties.


Children learn what they live: 

  • If children live with criticism they learn to condemn.
  •  If children live with hostility they learn to fight.
  •  If children live with ridicule they learn to be shy.
  •  If children live with shame they learn to feel guilty.
  •  If children live with encouragement they learn confidence.
  •  If children live with appreciation they learn to appreciate.
  •  If children live with fairness they learn justice.
  •  If children live with security they learn to have faith.

Who can I help?


  • Children who are withdrawn or anxious.
  • Parents / Carers experiencing difficulties in managing their child’s behaviour.
  • Parents / Carers whose children have poor school attendance/punctuality.
  • Parents / Carers and children who are reacting to change, such as parental separation or bereavement.
  • Children who are being bullied and their parents / carers.
  • Parents / Carers who may need support on a wide range of issues impacting on their family life e.g. illness, separation, domestic violence, bereavement.
  • Parents / Carers who would like help and advice with filling  in forms such as school admissions, free school meals, etc.


How do I contact the School Liaison & Support Officer?


Parents/carers and children can ask for me to become involved. With your consent  I can explore the difficulties your child is experiencing and identify the best way forward.


I am available in school as follows:

Monday 8.30am - 1.15pm

Tuesday 8.30am - 1.15pm

Wednesday 8.30am - 3.30pm

Thursday 8.30am - 1.15pm

Friday 8.30am - 1.15pm


You can ask for me at the school office or phone the school on 01827 896666 or email me on


What can I expect?


Depending on what your support request is I may need to complete an Early Help Assessment form with you. Before starting to work with a child I will always obtain your consent. I am able to offer a confidential service regarding personal issues. If necessary I would seek your permission to share the information with staff at school or with other agencies. Should a Child Protection issue be identified I am legally bound to follow Government Guidelines.