Physical Education

School games GOLD award!
Last year, we were awarded GOLD for the first time for the school games mark. Our school games officer was very impressed with how we provide PE and sport, particularly our use of pupil voice, our after school sports club provision, the range of inter school sports competitions we entered and our use of our enrichment sessions. 

At Stoneydelph Primary School, we intend to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all children to succeed in physical activities. We aim for all children to leave us with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to make informed choices about their own health and fitness as well as developing a life-long love of physical education. We give our children the opportunity to access a broad and balanced curriculum using national curriculum objectives. Our aim is to encourage participation in physical activity and challenge and provide opportunities for pupils to take part in competitive sports.


In EYFS children have access to regular physical activity through the use of their outside area, they also have a planned and structured PE session once a week which focuses around physical development. All pupils from Reception to year 6 have a session of planned physical activity each week that follows a long-term plan to ensure that children experience a broad and balanced range of skills, sports and activities. We use a scheme called Striver PE which breaks down each activity into the small skills required to help achieve the learning outcome. We have invested in a specialist sports coach to work with target groups and with our staff to help develop their skills and confidence in teaching high-quality PE sessions. We use pupil voice very effectively as they help shape the long term overview by voting for their favourite sports and sports day events. We provide the children with access to after school clubs, many of which allow the children to compete in competitions against other schools.


Having a specialist KS2 PE teacher and a specialist sports coach means the children’s enjoyment of PE is very high. The specialist coach works with our SEN and gifted and talented children to ensure they are supported and challenged very effectively which helps accelerate progression. Our children are given the opportunity to develop their skills in our curriculum lessons and use them to compete in competitions. Our enrichment sessions allow our children to take part in a very broad range of physical activities such as archery, zorbing and even laser tag!

Below is a selection of photographs of our Stoneydelph superstars. Winning the cricket and going onto the county finals, gold medalists in the athletics and football fanatics! 
Below are some of the results from our pupil voice which as mentioned, helped shape sports day and get great feedback about the PE lessons and content.
Underneath the results, you can see QR codes which we use to gather results on the skills and knowledge children have gained after the unit. 
Swimming Lessons in school - June 2024
We are fortunate enough to have our own swimming pool again for Summer 2.  As an ex swimming teacher, Mr Brookes is beyond happy that all children will take part in swimming lessons during the school day as it not only is part of the curriculum, it is a vital life skill.  We are also hoping to again offer optional after school swimming lessons at a small fee. A timetable for sessions will be available closer to the time. Feel free to contact the office to leave Mr Brookes a message if you have any queries.

School year 2021-2022 highlights below:
The girls took part in the first ever tournament at Rawlett High School. They were very excited and looking forward to the experience. They worked their socks off all night, scored lots of goals (5 in total), kept 4 clean sheets and didn't lose a game! As you can see, they were very proud of the medals! 
We were then invited to attend a match at Tamworth Football Club to play for the chance to represent Tamworth. We had to make some enforced team changes, but the girls were up for the match and relished the chance to play on Tamworth's ground. 
After an incredibly close game where Stoneydelph girls battled to the final whistle, we came runners up and are the proud winners of this 2nd place trophy. The 5:4 score shows how tight the game was and the final goal flew in during the last seconds of the game.
What a fantastic team effort and great determination and positivity from every player. Second place across all of Tamworth in our very first season is an amazing achievement. Well done girls.