At Stoneydelph Primary School, we provide a mathematics curriculum that is planned and sequenced to ensure new knowledge and skills build on what has been previously taught. 

We adopted the Mathematics Mastery programme in 2018 and, as of September 2022, it will have been rolled out to all classes from Reception to Year 6. 

The curriculum is underpinned by three Dimensions of Depth: 

Conceptual understanding; pupils deepen their understanding by representing concepts using objects, pictures, symbols and words.

Language and communication; this strengthens conceptual understanding and enables pupils to explain and reason. 

Mathematical Thinking; this supports pupils to develop mathematical minds i.e. being systematic, seeking patterns.

The Dimensions of Depth address the barriers that prevent pupils from achieving in mathematics; it also ensures that the highest attaining pupils excel through more in-depth problem solving.  It provides pupils with a rich set of skills that will help them to move and grow through the mathematical world.

For the academic year 2021-2022, year 6 will follow the Mathematics Mastery overview in their lessons, but will continue to follow the STAR approach which was introduced in 2016.  (Show – Show what is being taught, Try – A clear understanding of the skill taught, Apply – Transfer of pure maths skills, Reasoning – A true understanding of skill taught). 

During 2020, Mathematics Mastery worked closely with the national oak academy to ensure good quality maths lessons were provided to children who were learning from home.  These lessons follow the same overview that we follow in school.  If your child is at home, isolating, and feel well enough to do so, they can still access maths lessons on the oak academy website:
Select the year group that your child is in, the subject (maths), the unit and lesson number, that is being taught in school.  
The curriculum maps state which units are taught throughout the year, so you can track what we are learning in school, when you're at home too!
All children, in years 1 - 6 have been provided with log in details to
The school username is:  stoney 
The school password is: shape
All children then have their own, second level passwords to log on to the website.
Children in years 1 - 6 have also been provided with log in details for
Where the children are able to improve their recall of times tables on TT rockstars and number facts on numbots.