Useful Numbers and Contact Information

1st April 2020

Useful Sign Posting Contact Numbers and Information


Name of Organisation



Description of Support and Process


Contact Number / Websites / What we need to do



Staffordshire County Council Coronavirus Line


Dealing with enquiries from people who are shielding and received Government letter.  Also, Staffordshire Care for people with Social Care Needs during the Coronavirus Crisis




0300 111 8050



Staffordshire County Council


Recycling, social care, blue badges, highways, lighting, families, education

0300 111 8000



Tamworth Borough Council


Housing, Benefits, homeless advice, waste collections

01827 709709



National Government Helpline


If someone has received a shielding letter from the Government, then contact details are on the letter.  If someone thinks they should have and have not received a letter they can also call to enquire for support


0800 028 8327

If someone wants to register online then we can help them over the over the phone.

Link to online form –



Council Tenant Enquiries

(Including sheltered, high rise and vulnerable housing tenants)



Sheltered/high rise and vulnerable housing tenants


Lee Birch –


Leanne Lee –



Privately Renting Tenants


Including those living in Housing Association properties


Sue Phipps –

Leon Hackett –



Community/ Owner Occupiers


Community Enquiries, and Owner Occupiers


Karen Clancy –

Steph Ivey –



Volunteering - Support Staffordshire


If someone wants to volunteer to support people in the community isolating due to covid-19 they can call Support Staffordshire who will talk through opportunities available and vet suitability for providing support



0300 777 1207

Also, they can register via the website -


Coop for Food – Home Deliveries (Priority Deliveries for our partnership) People who would normally go out shopping for groceries but self-isolating due to covid-19




People must be given a unique reference number which is generated by your team leader.  Please email your team leader with the request.  Each time delivery is required a new number will be required.


PLEASE ADVISE customers there may be a couple of days wait for delivery as demand increases. Still faster than Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons etc


There is also a standard £5 deliver charge.  This has always been the case.



Email your Team Leader with the details to get the Unique reference number so they can put in their order.


Team Leader will then email back the Code for you to forward back to the customer.






Emergency Food Supplies








If people are self-isolating due to Covid-19 and can’t get out the house with no friends or family to support who can’t pay via Co-op we can provide an essential box of food supplies.





Email Lee Bates with the Details –


Food Bank Referrals


Anyone who normally gets food from Tamworth Foodbank or are Struggling Financially and can collect food or someone can collect it for them.


Following details to be emailed to your Team Leader

Full Name

Full Address and Postcode

Date of Birth

Number of Adults

Number of Children

Sanitary Requirements if any

Nappy sizes if any.


A 3day supply of food will be provided.


Food can be collected Monday to Friday 12noon – 3pm CLOSED THURSDAYS



Team Leader to forward details to


or can call 0777 265 1194



Manna House

258-264 Glasco Road


B77 2AY







Medication Delivery


Check with your pharmacy first to see if they are delivering.  If they are not delivering the contact your GP to get your prescription transferred to Spring Farm Pharmacy.

The person then calls Spring Farm Pharmacy to advise their prescription has been changed to them and require a delivery.  This can be a temporary arrangement and can transfer back when isolating has finished.



01827 702 402


Bereavement Support

Trained Counsellor





Email Wendy Quinn Trained Counsellor with the persons contact information and she will call and make contact.


St Giles Bereavement



St Giles have a telephone line set up for everyone who has been bereaved and is struggling at this time.


Don’t have to be known to the Hospice either.



01543 434 536


‘Virtual’ Bereavement Help Points are also going to be set up in the next couple of days using Zoom.  Await this info.



Citizens Advice


Help and Advice with Debt, Benefits, employment, housing, and other issues


General Advice Line – 0300 330 2110

Help with Universal Credit Claims –

0800 144 8 444

Email –

Website –



Tamworth Advice Centre



Help and Advice with Debt, Benefits, employment, housing, and other issues

0300 3309002




Wellbeing Matters (Mental Health Support)



Mental Health Support

Self-referral helpline - 01827 288843


Mind Charity (Mental Health Support)



Mental Health Support

0300 123 3393

(Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm)





Non-judgmental support to talk to a trained Samaritan


116 123


or people can also email



Risk of becoming Homeless


Homelessness enquiries.



If someone is homeless, or at risk of being homeless, call 01827 709709 option 9 (between 8.45am and 5.10pm), or in an emergency outside office hours please ring 01827 709709 option 1.


Also, can email

Sarah Finnegan


Sue Baker




Activities Whilst Self Isolating


Everyone Health is posting outactivities to do in the home for adults over 18.

Picture Puzzles

General Knowledge Quizzes

Word Searches


Everyone Health with call those requesting the packs



Email the person’s name and address and contact number of the person to


Put in heading – Postal Activities.


If large print is required just put a note in the email that this is required.

Pre-Payment Energy Supply Meters

Energy Companies are offering support for people who are self-isolating and not able to get out to put money on their pre-payment meters or a struggling to pay due to loss of income.


They are giving people 2 weeks’ worth of gas/electricity but this HAS TO BE REPAID when self-isolation comes to an end or get back into work.


CAB also give advice advise.



CAB Link





British Gas- 0333 202 9802


EDF - 0333 200 5100


EON - 0345 052 000


N Power - 0800 073 3000


Scottish Power - 0800 027 0072


SSE - 0345 026 2658




Domestic Abuse



If a person feels safe and able to call for support themselves so that a partner is not alerted

New Era 0300 303 3778


Immediate risk the victim (or the Volunteer) should call 999


Agencies can refer people in (with consent) via CJSM ( as this allows secure response and should include brief details and risk.  Where possible an advisor will call the victim back. Please note that all advisors are only able to do telephone consultations at this time.





New Era 0300 303 3778


Jackie Hodgkinson, Partnerships officer, who is very knowledgeable on domestic abuse issues – if you need to run anything past her, she may be able to advise further.   Persons who decide to flee domestic abuse can be referred into the Homelessness teams.



Hospital Appointments


If someone says they have a Hospital Appointment and need transport and do not have friends or family to take them we can advise the following - 


  1. Ask them if they have had a shielding letter from the government? If they have then they need to call the number and request assistance and they can coordinate with the hospital about Hospital Transport. 
  2. If they have not had a shielding letter then the person needs to contact either their own doctor or the department which they have their hospital appointment and request hospital transport (Part of the new NHS volunteers are supporting this)



It may also be worth noting thatsome hospitals may cancel or postponed certain appointments if it’s deemed necessary at this time so the person may want to also check the appointment stands in light of the lock down and the person is self-isolating


Activities to take your Mind off things for a while


Colouring Pages




Community Mural Project





Vic one of our Telephone Volunteers also does art in the Community has put some art together.


New urban era site is 


If people are looking for colouring pages Vic will update so they can be found on the navigation bar 


He has added a puzzle section with some of the artwork around Tamworth


All free to use.



Community Mural Project, Various activities





Mental Health Support



Self-help with Mental Health provided through South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health


01543 301 139












Home Energy Advice Tamworth (HEAT)

Help for Tamworth Residents as Home Energy Use Rises During Lockdown

As households around Tamworth stay at home, our energy bills are set to rise as gadgets become essential for staying in touch and the heating needs to be on all day.  Keep ahead of the game by calling an Energy Advisor at Home Energy Advice Tamworth (HEAT) are at hand on 0800 0432 815.

For most homes, a big energy bills during the lockdown might feel inevitable.  “It’s not rocket science. When all the family are stuck at home, usage is going to go up – and with jobs and income at risk it’s a huge worry for people”, explained HEAT advisor Ray Everett.   Energy helpline estimate bills will rise by around 30% over the period – that’s an average of £28 a month.

Fortunately, gas prices are also falling – so it’s a great time to review your energy bills and find a trusted supplier who will give you a great deal.   We use customer service ratings to advise our callers, as well as prices, to make sure people are in safe hands.  If you are behind with payments or having billing issues, we can help you deal with this too”, explained Ray.

The team at HEAT are adapting to the restrictions too.  “We know getting advice is harder for people now.  Although we can’t pop out and see people, we’re able to offer detailed advice via video calls or put information in the post if people prefer. We’ve set up a password system to reassure residents and are happy to talk to a trusted friend or relative if that’s easier”.  Text call back to 0792 2651982 call freephone 0800 0432 815 or email   There’s money to be saved and lots of useful advice on keeping your bills in check during this uncertain time.

HEAT’s energy top tips during the lockdown

  • If you’re at home more than usual; expect your bills to rise – if you don’t have a smart meter, submit a meter reading once a month so you don’t get behind
  • If you can’t afford your bill talk to your energy provider or the HEAT team.  Many suppliers have put in place help for customers who are struggling.
  • Shop around for a good energy deal – there’s some bargains out there at the moment!
  • Get the washing out – if you’ve got outdoor space, washing should try over a day as we come into spring
  • Cut the waste – make sure gadgets aren’t on, or on standby, overnight.  Keep an eye on the weather, and your heating controls.  As we get into warmer weather, you might be able to turn the heating down during the day and put a jumper on, and then boost temperatures in the evening.
  • Keep active – ditch kitchen and cleaning gadgets and get an upper body workout with a wooden spoon or brush!  An online workout first thing will help get your own central heating pumping and will mean you are less likely to touch the thermostat during the day.
  • Get the family involved – if you’ve got a smart meter, it’s easier to see what (and who) is using most energy.  Non-essentials like hair straighteners might have to go!

Home Energy Advice Tamworth is a partnership between Tamworth Borough Council and Marches Energy Agency, a registered charity.



Are you worried about higher energy bills whilst being stuck at home during the CV-19 outbreak?


There’s help out there! Home Energy Advice Tamworth are a small friendly team of advisers who can give all sort of energy advice.  With gas prices falling, it’s a good time to switch supplier.  If you’ve got a billing problem, we can help straighten it out.


To request home energy help or Text call back to 0792 2651982 call freephone 0800 0432 815 or email