Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Mrs Devitt (Assistant Headteacher, SENCO, KS1 and Early Years lead) is the teacher of the Dragonfly class. Miss Fox (Phonics lead and Reading lead) teaches the Butterfly class. Both classes are supported by Mrs Dyble (HLTA).

Each child is guided through their learning journey and are happy
and cared for in the school. We have great fun in Early Years and
learn through exciting play and interacting with each other.

Due to current school closures we shall be updating our website page regularly with useful links to help with learning at home. Class Dojo will be updated daily with specific activities set for children in the Butterfly and Dragonfly classes.
We would love to see any pictures of what your children have been up to and welcome any questions. Please feel free to send these to us over on Dojo!
Miss Fox, Mrs Devitt and Mrs Dyble.
Twinkl is currently offering free access to all of the parents who are currently being affected by school closures. Here you will find resources specific to age groups, online games and online stories.
At Stoneydelph Primary School, we use Read, Write, Inc to teach the children how to read and write. From Monday 23rd March RWI Phonics lessons will be available at home on Facebook and YouTube.
Set 1 Speed sounds at 9.30am and again at 12.30pm. This session is suitable for all children in Reception.
Set 2 Speed sounds at 10.00am and again at 1.00pm. This session is suitable for any children who are in Mrs Dyble's or Mrs O'Neil's phonics group.
To find these online lessons, search for Ruth Miskin Training on either Facebook or YouTube at these times. These sessions will only be available at these times and will not be able to be accessed after.
Monday 23rd March
Today can you imagine that you are travelling into space. Find the piece of paper that says 10 things I would like to take to space in my rocket. Can you write about what you would take with you? We can't wait to see your answers! Please send us a photo of your completed work.
Parent tip- If your child has incorrectly formed letters, then please write them correctly and ask your child to write over the top. Remind them to use small writing and to write on the lines.
In Maths today, please can you find your pattern sheet and colour in the repeating pattern. Eg. blue, red, blue, red what would come next? Send us a video telling us the colours from one of the patterns you completed!
(Please note, your pattern worksheet may look slightly different to this one. We wanted to make sure that it was specific to your childs ability).
Miss Fox and Mrs Dyble
Tuesday 24th March
Good morning everybody! Your maths challenge today is to find your 'Pets' sheet in your pack. Can you carefully count how many of each animal there are? Remember to think really carefully about how to write your numbers and make sure they are facing the right way! Can you draw your own animals on the back and add two groups together? Try and write the number sentence. We look forward to seeing your work submitted on Dojo.
Your Literacy challenge today is to practise writing your name. Can you write your last name too? Some of you will have your name writing card in your pack to help. 
Some of you will also have writing templates in your pack which have silly questions on such as 'How did this banana grow so big?' Answer your question and send it over to us on Dojo!
Parent tip- You do not need to write this out for your child to copy. Ask your child to carefully Fred talk the sounds that they can hear in the words they want to write and to write them down independently. There is a sound mat in your child's pack to help. We don't expect their spelling to be perfect, this is something you can talk about with your child afterwards!
I shall set a task on Dojo where I would like your child to practise their reading one of the books we put into your child's pack. Please send us a video over so that we can see how they get on!
Miss Fox and Mrs Dyble
We’ve also added a link to Jo Wicks P.E lesson that goes live from 9.00am every morning Monday-Friday, you don’t have to do this live as it is saved on his YouTube channel The Body Coach so you will be able to access this whenever you feel your children need some exercise during the day.
You must consent to the use of advertising cookies to allow this YouTube video to show.

The children love using Now Press Play in school and I know you’ve seen them using it in our class stories, now th ehave a chance to introduce it to you at home.
Follow the link above to engage in fun and exciting interactive lessons using NowPressPlay at home.
Whilst you are all learning from home you can use your headset (like we do in school) or listen through your computer speakers to participate in a variety of subject specific lessons. The site has an 'enter free' box on the right which allows access to all children and a password box which gives you as a Stoneydelph pupil the school registered access. Enter the password below and you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities. Enjoy!
Password: nowpressplay
Wednesday 25th March
Good morning! Todays maths challenge is to find your number workbook in your pack. Some of you will start from the number 1, others from 11. Can you practise writing the number? Can you carefully count the objects? Once you have finished, have a look around your house, can you find different objects to match your number? We look forward to seeing your pictures over on Dojo!
Your Literacy challenge today is to read the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. Can you write about your favourite part of the story? Remember to independently Fred talk the sounds carefully. If you are writing sentences, remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We can't wait to read all about it!
The weekly reading challenge is also still active on Dojo.
Remember RWI phonics lessons are still available daily. Mrs Devitt also added links for P.E with Joe and NowPressPlay (they will love this!)
Have a great day everybody!
Thursday 26th March
Day 4 of home learning! We are all missing you lots, but hope you have been enjoying your activities at home. Your maths challenge today is to find your superhero sheet in your pack. Can you carefully add the superhero items together to find the answer. Some of you will find that your sheet has missing numbers, try to use your superhero powers to find the answers to the problem. Good luck, we'll be over on Dojo waiting for your amazing work!
For your Literacy activity today, please could you log in to NowPressPlay (information was posted by Mrs Devitt on how to do this). Once you are on, please look for 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'- it's storytime! Some of you also have a copy of this story in your pack if you would prefer to read it (but then you will miss out on a bit of acting in your living room!) If you have the wanted poster sheet in your pack (attached to the back of the story) please could you complete this. Remember, Goldilocks is missing and we need to know all of the information to find her! If you do not have this sheet, please could you talk with your child about the different parts of the story (eg. beginning, middle, end). We look forward to hearing all about this over on Dojo!
Remember, RWI phonics lessons are still available Monday-Friday on YouTube or Facebook, as is Joe's P.E lesson. Have a fab day everybody!
Friday 26th March
Good morning everybody! Following on from yesterday, if you have the 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' story in your pack, please could you read this with a grown up. Afterwards, have a look in your pack and find the letter writing template. Imagine you are Goldilocks, can you write a letter to the Three Bears? I think you had better say sorry for being in their house!
If you do not have this story in your pack, please find your Read, Write, Inc letter formation booklet in your pack. Have a go at reading and writing some of your sounds.
Your maths challenge today is have a look in you pack for one more or one less dinosaurs. Can you carefully count the dinosaurs, what is one more? What is one less? Think really carefully about if you need to count on or backwards (we've had lots of practise in Maths Meeting!)
If you do not have this piece of paper, then please continue with your counting booklet from number 2.
Have fun everybody! We look forward to seeing what you've been up to over on Dojo!
Monday 30th March
Good morning everybody! We hope you managed to have a lovely weekend. Your maths challenge today is to practise counting forwards to 20. Can you count backwards too? Send us a video over on Dojo. If you have the counting in 2's worksheet in your pack, then please also complete this. Remember to think carefully back to maths meetings! What do you need to do when you are counting in 2's? We look forward to seeing your work!
Your Literacy challenge today is to read your favourite book with a grown up. Mrs Dyble will be reading hers too and we shall send you a video! After, can you draw a picture of your favourite character from your story? If you log in to your student account on Dojo, you will be able to draw this straight on to there. Don't forget to tell us who your character is and from what story. We can't wait to see and hear about your favourite book!
Don't forget that RWI phonic lessons are still available on Facebook and YouTube. Have a great day everybody!
Fancy a dance class or two 
Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing has been uploading dance classes for kids every day.
They are live on her youtube channel from 11.30 am, if you fancy joining follow the link below to her youtube channel where you can find all her dance classes, as well as ones for adults if you'd like to join in!
Tuesday 31st March
It's time for another story! So turn your listening ears on and head over to Now Press Play to hear the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. You're on your way to Grandma's when you meet a wolf in the forest. When you arrive, Grandma's looking a bit odd today, have her teeth grown?
After you have acted out the story, your Literacy challenge today is to write a description of a character. Will you choose Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf or Grandma? Remember to try to write in full sentences using capital letters (at the start of a sentence and for names), finger spaces and full stops. Send us a photo over on Dojo, we can't wait to see who you will choose!
Your maths challenge today is to find your Numicon addition sheet in your pack. Can you carefully add the pieces together? Can you find the answer? Who thinks they could even write a number sentence?! If you do not have this sheet in your pack, then please could you practise counting items with your child. You can use absolutely anything in your house! Remember to remind your child to touch the item and count one number at a time. See if your child can touch count to 10. Good luck everybody, we look forward to seeing your video's over on Dojo!
Wednesday 1st April
Pinch, punch first of the month! Happy April Fools day everybody! I wonder if I'll be able to trick Mrs Dyble today...
Your Literacy challenge today is to find a new story in your pack and to practise reading it. We have missed listening to you read, so look forward to your videos over on Dojo!
Your maths challenge today is all about money! Ask your grown ups to see if they have any loose change. Can you remember what each of the coins are worth? See if you can name all of the coins. What is having a 10 pence coin the same as having? We look forward to seeing your work over on your student account! If you have the money worksheet in your pack, see if you can complete this too. Good luck!
Psst! We'd appreciate any stories of April fools too...
Thursday 2nd April
You've almost made it to the Easter holidays! (Parents that's you too...) Today your Literacy challenge is to look in your pack for CVC phoneme frames. These have a picture at the top and boxes underneath. Can you impress your grown ups by carefully Fred talking the word and writing down the sounds that you hear? Remember to use your sound mat if you need a bit of help remembering what the sounds look like or how they are formed. If you do not have this is in your pack then please look for the next silly questions writing frame. We absolutely loved some of your answers to this activity last week, so we are looking forward to you using your imaginations again! Remember to answer in full sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Send your work to us over on Dojo once you've finished. Good luck everybody!
Your maths challenge is to find your caterpillar one more or one less activity in your pack. I had lots of messages from parents last week saying how amazing you all are at one more or less with numbers to 10. Let's see if we can impress them even more by going  up to 20! Remember to think carefully about which way your numbers are facing, we don't want any p's instead of 9's! Afterwards, have a look below. 
If you don't have this sheet in your pack, then click on the link below to a shape pattern game (Freddie, I think you are particularly going to enjoy this!)
Have a brilliant day everybody!
Friday 3rd April
Good morning everybody, happy Friday! Your maths challenge for today is to look inside your new Easter pack. In there you will find a clock, can you write or stick the correct numbers on the clock? Remember to start at the top on number 12. Now, during maths meetings I've asked you lots of times to find out what time your bedtime is (I know lots of you forgot to do this by the time it was home time). Now is finally my chance to find out! Parents... Lots of your children have told me that their bedtime ranges from 4pm right up to 6am! Can you make the time on your clock that is your usual bedtime? I know that you might be able to stay up a little later whilst you're not at school... so can we!
Your Literacy activity today is to find a piece of paper. I want to know something that you have enjoyed doing whilst you have been at home. You might also want to write about something you miss about being at school. Try to write a sentence, however if you find sentence writing a little tricky, write us a list instead!
Later on today, we will put a list of websites and resources that you might want to look at over the Easter holidays on our class page.
Don't forget to send todays work to us over on Dojo! Have a great day and happy Easter holidays!
Easter Holiday websites
Well done parents... you have made it to the Easter holidays! Over the holidays, we will not be setting work in your child's portfolios each day but they are more than welcome to complete the activities in their Easter packs that we delivered to you on Wednesday. On Monday 20th April, we shall start setting activities for you to complete from your new packs then (please do not complete these until they are set).
Below, I've attached some links that you might find useful over the holidays. Lots of websites are currently free, so I've had a look for the ones that I think your children will find the most enjoyable. We hope you have a fantastic Easter and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Miss Fox, Mrs Devitt and Mrs Dyble 
Useful websites:
Maths meeting songs:
Phonics songs:
Monday 20th April
Welcome back everybody! We hope that you have had a lovely Easter, we were pleased to hear that the Easter Bunny was classed as a keyworker and have had some lovely pictures of what he delivered over the holidays! 
I'm sure that lots of you have probably been going on some walks whilst you have been spending this time at home and luckily the weather has been great! Spring term has now drawn to an end but we would like to know about the changes that have happened. Your Literacy activity for today to is to find your 'In the Spring I see...' worksheet. What have you seen on your walks? What changes have you noticed since Autumn? Have a go at writing some sentences about what you have noticed. If you find sentence writing a bit tricky, write a list instead. Parents remember that your child should be trying to Fred talk the words independently, we do not expect perfect spelling! Afterwards, draw a picture in the box above. We can't wait to see your writing over on Dojo!
Our new topic over the next couple of weeks would have been 'Who lives in a rockpool?' which has an under the sea focus. Your maths challenge for today is to find your under the sea subtraction worksheet. Can you take away the numbers to find the answer? Have a go at writing the equation afterwards, remember to think carefully about which way your numbers need to be facing! We don't want any numbers that have got out of bed the wrong way...
We will also be setting the children a reading challenge on their portfolios for them to complete. This time, we have sent books specific to your child's reading group which they should be able to Fred talk and read independently. Please send us a video on Dojo of your child reading one of these books. 
Have a fantastic day everybody, we look forward to seeing your fabulous work!
Tuesday 21st April
Good morning everybody! I don't know about you, but this lovely weather has had me eating lots of ice-creams in the garden! Ice-cream for breakfast is acceptable... isn't it?! Your maths challenge today is to find the activity in your pack called 'How much do ice-creams cost?' Look really carefully at the coins, do you need to count in ones or twos? Can you add together the amount and write it in the space next to the ice-cream? Afterwards, you could design your own ice-cream and think of a price (or you could sneak back into the garden for an ice-cream treat!)
Over on Dojo this morning, we shall be reading you 'Sharing a shell' by Julia Donaldson. Can you remember what other books she is the author of? Listen really carefully because afterwards we would like you to find your 'Sharing a shell book review' sheet in your pack. Where is the story set? Who is the main character? What happens first, next and last? We look forward to reading your book reviews over on Dojo!
Don't forget to complete this weeks reading challenge! Have a great day everybody!
Wednesday 22nd April
Wow! We saw some super learning from you yesterday! Good job! To continue with our 'Sharing a shell' story, today your Literacy activity is to find the activity that has a picture from the story (I'll attach the image on Dojo to make sure you have the right one). What can you see in the picture? What do you think is happening? How do you think the crab feels? Can you write a list of what you can see or a sentence explaining what you think is happening? Send us a photo over on Dojo!
Your maths activity for today is to find the number ordering fish. Can you count up to 20? Can you cut the fish out and put them in the correct order? Send us a video once you have finished! 
Don't forget to send us a video of you reading your phonics book if you haven't already. Remember, we are adding Dojo points on for the work you have completed. The top 5 with the most points in each class will win a prize when we return. Good luck!
Thursday 23rd April
We have really enjoyed the videos of your children reading! Don't forget that this is a weekly challenge so if you haven't completed it yet, send your videos over to us on Dojo to earn your points! 
Your Literacy challenge for today is fairy tale based. Either find your copy of Jack and the Beanstalk or log in to Now Press Play to listen! Make sure you are listening really carefully... you've got an exciting task to do afterwards. In your pack you might find a Jack and a Beanstalk writing task. Have a look at the pictures, what do you think is happening? Can you use the words in the word bank to write a sentence? If you do not have this activity, your challenge is to find your magic bean worksheet. If you had a magic bean, what would you do? Would you climb to the top of the beanstalk? What would be there? Send your photo's over to us on your student account!
Your maths activity is also bean related! You will either find a bean counting activity, an I spy and count to 20 or a Jack and the Beanstalk crack the code! Remember to count really carefully, you can use resources to help if you need to! Good luck!
Reminder- RWI phonic sessions are still available over on Facebook or YouTube. There is also a daily story session at 2pm!
Have a fantastic day everybody and we'll speak to you soon!
Friday 24th April
Is anybody else feeling peckish? Today your maths and Literacy challenges are rolled into one scrumptious activity! Have a look inside your pack for your 'Making a jam sandwich' activity (other fillings will be accepted... we are aware of how much you all like lemon curd and chocolate spread!)
Have a look at the pictures, think carefully about what you are going to do first. Make your sandwich and then depending on the activity in your pack, either cut out the pictures and stick them in the right order or write instructions using time language to explain how you made your sandwich. Send us a video over on Dojo explaining what you had to do! We can't wait to see your jammy faces!
If your child has been given a Read Write Inc reading book (these are green or purple). Inside your pack you will find a 'hold a sentence sheet'. Log into Dojo where you will find a video from myself or Mrs Dyble teaching the sentence you will complete.
If your child has come home with a Storyworld book, please can you practise writing some more sounds from your Read Write Inc sound book (which we sent in the first pack).
Have a great weekend everybody!
Monday 27th April
Good morning everybody, we hope you all had a lovely weekend! Your Literacy activity for today is to read the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' which is inside your pack. After, in your pack you will either find a story writing frame or a little pig writing template. If you have the story writing frame, can you answer the questions? What happened first? What happened next? 
If your child has the pig writing template, can you Fred talk simple words from the story? Use your sound mat to help. Take a picture and send it over to us on your student Dojo account!
Your maths activity today is also to do with those little pigs! Have a look for 'The Three Little Pigs counting game'. The Three Little pigs are moving out! Can you carefully cut out the objects and share them out? How many objects do they have? Send us a video of you counting each object!
I have also signed all of your children up to Epic! Can you check your emails and follow the instructions. Once you have downloaded the app, have a look at your mailbox (bottom right) and see which books your child has been assigned to read or listen to. Don't forget to complete the quiz afterwards, we'll log on throughout the week to see which books you have been reading!
Have a great day!
Tuesday 28th April
We saw some fantastic learning over on Dojo yesterday! Your videos and photo's always put a smile on our faces, thank you everybody!
Today, we are going back under the sea! Have a look in your packs for the Literacy challenge 'What can you see under the sea?' Look really carefully at the picture... What sea creatures can you see? What else is in the picture? Write some sentences about the picture and send a photo to us over on Dojo! If you find sentence writing tricky, a list of the sea creatures would be perfect! Remember to Fred talk the sounds on your own, just like you would do at school... parents, spelling does not need to be perfect as long as your child is trying their best, that's all that matters!
Is anybody any good at I spy? Have a look for your 'Under the sea I spy' maths activities in your pack. This is over two pieces of paper (one with the I spy picture and the next with the number sentences). Can you carefully count the sea creatures? Can you write the equations and find the answers? Send us a photo over on Dojo, I know you are going to be really good at this!
Reminder- Please sign up to your Epic! reading account if you haven't already. In your mailbox there will be a list of books I'd love you to read this week. Enjoy!
Have a fantastic day and we can't wait to see your pictures soon!
Wednesday 29th April
Good morning everybody, over the past 2 days the Reception children have read an incredible 89 books on Epic! Wow! Remember to check your emails for your invitation if you haven't already created your child's account.
Your Literacy challenge today is to find your caption writing activity. This has a picture at the top with a number above it and lines underneath. What is happening in the picture? Can you write what you see? You may have a picture of a cat and a hat, where is the cat? Can you carefully Fred talk the words to write a caption?  Send us a photo on Dojo when you have completed your activity.
Is anybody eating lots of extra snacks whilst being at home? I'm beginning to think that eating is my new favourite hobby! In your packs you will find a 'Greedy Monster taking away' activity. Let me tell you... that is one incredibly greedy monster! Can you roll a dice to find a number to take away? If you don't have a dice, don't worry, just ask somebody in your house to choose a number! How many do you have left? Can you write the subtraction equation?
Have an amazing day everybody!
Epic! update... At the end of Wednesday, the Butterfly children have read 97 books! Well done Butterflies!
At the end of Wednesday, the Dragonfly children have read 54 books! Well done everybody in the Dragonfly class!
Thursday 30th April
Are you ready to hear the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'? Find it in your pack and ask your grown up to read it to you... Would you have been brave enough to cross the bridge with the troll underneath? Have a think, how do you think the goats would have been feeling? Can you write a sentence with an adjective in? Don't forget to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. If you're feeling super clever today, see if you can join your sentences together using 'because' for a bonus Dojo! Send it over to us on your student account when you have finished.
Inside your pack you will find some lollipop sticks and some shape pictures. Can you use your lollipop sticks to make the different 2D shapes? Send us a video of a shape you have made. Can you describe it using mathematical language just like we do in maths meeting? Remember to talk about the number of sides and corners (and to talk in a full sentence). We're looking forward to seeing your videos you shape experts!
Psst… Don't forget to sign up to your Epic account if you haven't already...
Friday 1st May
Pinch, punch, first of the month! Happy May everybody, we hope you are all safe and well. We're missing you all lots but your lovely photos and videos are bringing a smile to our faces everyday! 
In your packs, you should have one maths and one Literacy activity left. Both of these are challenges! Your Literacy challenge will either be rhyming, phase 2 phonics or phase 3 phonics. Have a look in your pack for this piece of paper. How many of the challenges do you think you can complete? Send us a photo when you've finished over on your student account!
Your maths activity is either a challenge sheet full of counting, one more or one less or doubling. You won't have all of these challenges, it'll just be the one that is specific to your child's next step in maths. Good luck everybody, we can't wait to see them!
Myself and Mrs Dyble will be out and about today delivering your new packs of work for the next two weeks of home learning... eeek! We can't wait to see you! Keep a look out of your window for us.
Have a great weekend everybody!
Miss Fox, Mrs Devitt and Mrs Dyble x
Monday 4th May
Hello  everybody! I hope you've all had a nice weekend.  Have a look in your new pack for todays Literacy 'What is the bear thinking?' Look carefully at the picture of the (friendly) grizzly bear. What is he doing? What do you think he is thinking? Use your imagination to write a sentence in the speech bubble above the picture. Send it over to us on Dojo when you have finished.
For your maths challenge today, find your 'Baby Bear's day' time matching game. Ask your grownup to read what baby bear is doing in the pictures. Have a look at the clocks, can you match the correct time to the picture? Send us a photo on your student account when you have completed this activity.
I've attached a picture of the Epic! calendar for May. Today is 'Star Wars' day! Can you choose a space book on Epic! to read? We will give you a bonus Dojo point if you complete this activity! Good luck!
Have a great day everybody!
Tuesday 5th May
Well done yesterday everybody, lots of you took on the challenge of reading a space book and in total across Reception, you read 31 books about space! In the past week, Reception has now  collectively read 396 books which has totalled to 33 whole hours of reading! A huge well done everybody! Remember, if you haven't downloaded to app yet, check your emails for the invite.
Continuing with yesterdays bear theme, can you please look inside your packs for 'The Bear's Menu'. I have always wondered what three courses a bear might choose in a restaurant and I thought that you would be the perfect person to create a menu! What do you think a bear might like for a starter? A main? A dessert? I can't wait to see what will be on your bear menu! Send it over to me on your student Dojo account when you have finished.
Your maths challenge today is all about Goldilocks. Have a look in your packs for the 'Goldilocks least and most' activity. What does most mean? What does least mean? Can you carefully count the objects on the page and answers the questions? How do you know that your answer is right? Send us a photo of your fantastic work once you have finished to earn you Dojo points!
Have a fantastic day everybody, we'll look forward to talking to you later!
Wednesday 6th May
We loved seeing your menus for the grizzly bears yesterday, you have such brilliant imaginations! If any of you decide to open a restaurant, let us know... your food sounds delicious!
Today we have more animal themed challenges! Have a look in your pack for your  'Decorate a llama' activity. To start, get creative! Can you decorate your llama? What will you use? What colours will you choose? Who doesn't love a decorative llama?! After, have a look for the llama writing frame (this should be behind your decorate a llama activity). Can you tell me something about your llama? Send your llama's over to us when you're done!
For your maths activity today, have a look for your 'Drama with the Llamas' activity. I love a theme! So it turns out that the llamas love eating their snacks. They are always hungry! (Does anybody else think they are turning into a part llama or is it just me?!) The farmer needs to double the number of snacks for the llamas. Can you help by using the ten frames to double the numbers? See if you can write a number sentence too! This should be no prob-llama for you!
The Epic! calendar shows that today is 'Nurses day'. Lots of us have been celebrating the NHS weekly by clapping on a Thursday. Have an explore over on Epic! today for a book about doctors or nurses for a bonus Dojo!
Don't forget about Mrs Devitt's class story... you have until Friday to send your teachers a challenge!
Thursday 7th May
Wow! You all decorated some fantastic llamas yesterday! As the weather is so nice at the moment, today we are going to be exploring capacity in maths. Have a look in your packs for your 'How much does it hold?' activity. The words at the top of the page are the same mathematical words we use in maths meeting to describe different capacities (I know you already know them!) Which container do you think holds more? Which holds least? Once you have completed this activity, it would be the ideal time to practise filling containers yourself! You could have a go with water, or anything else you can think of. Do you think you can fill a container so that it is half full? Send us a photo over on your student accounts.
Your Literacy activity is slightly different today, have a look for your 'My day' writing frame. How do you feel today? What are you doing today? What is one thing you have learned today? These would be lovely to keep in the future as obviously are days are very different to normal at the moment! Don't forget to add the date and draw a picture of yourself. We can wait to see them!
Tomorrow is a bank holiday to celebrate VE day, we will add a couple of activities onto Dojo if you wish to complete them but it's entirely up to you! We hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Miss Fox, Mrs Devitt and Mrs Dyble
Epic! update, Butterflies you have now read an amazing 316 books! Well done Butterflies!
Dragonflies, you have now read 184 books and are only 16 books away from earning your next badge! Keep up the hard work!
Monday 11th April
Happy Monday, we hope you all had a fabulous bank holiday weekend! Over the next couple of days we shall be exploring all things magical! Have a look in your pack for your 'My magic spell' writing template. What would your magic spell be called? What magic words would you have to say? What happens when you cast your magic spell? Draw us a picture of what happens at the bottom of your page. We are so excited to read all about them! (Try not to turn any of your family members into frogs when creating your spells!)
In your pack, you will also find some cauldrons. Can you carefully cut them out and order them from biggest to smallest. Send us a picture of you and your work once you are finished!
I have also assigned new collections of books to everybody on Epic! Have a look and see how many of them you can read, don't forget to complete the quiz if there is one at the end. For anybody who has not yet activated their Epic! account, please check your emails as I have resent the invites.
Have a magical day you witches and wizards!
Tuesday 12th May
Good morning everyone, we absolutely loved reading your potions yesterday! I hope you all remember how to turn your grown ups back into humans instead of frogs, snakes and unicorns! Today we are continuing our magical theme! Have a look inside your pack for your ‘My magic door’ activity. Can you decorate your door? Will you include any clues about where it might lead to? After, find your star writing frame and write about where your magic door leads to! Send us a photo on your student account once you have finished! 
Today we shall be also be exploring addition! Have a look in your pack for your ‘Adding more magic spell’ OR your ‘Monsters adding more’ activity. You won’t have both of these as the activity we sent is specific to your child. How many did you start with? How many did you add? What is the total? Can you write an equation? We can’t wait to see your magical maths!
Don't forget to keep reading over on Epic! Speak to you all later, have a great day!
Wednesday 13th May
What great imaginations you all have (but I knew this anyway...) we loved reading about your magic door yesterday! We had some fantastic answers about where your magic door might lead to, from a trip to Disneyland to a spaceship travelling to the moon!
For your Literacy activity today, please log on to Epic! and choose a story to read. This can be a book we have assigned you or a book of your choice! Afterwards, have a look in your pack and find your 'My Book Review' template. What is the name of the book you have chosen? How did you feel about this book? Did you like it? Did you dislike it? Can you draw your favourite part of the book?
For maths today, have a look for your 'Repeating patterns' activity. What shapes can you see? Can you continue the patterns? Which shape comes next? When you have finished, have a go at describing a shape using mathematical language to somebody in your home!
Today we shall also be delivering your new packs of work, we are looking forward to some socially distanced waves!
Everybody has been doing a brilliant job of accessing Class Dojo, we shall no longer be updating the website, please look at Dojo daily for maths and Literacy activities. Epic! will also continue to be updated with newly assigned books weekly!
Week beginning 1st June
 Welcome back to the second half of the Summer term! We hope you've all had a lovely week off enjoying the sunshine!
Home learning for this week
If your child is not returning to school this week, we provided enough work in the last pack to cover the first week back. Home learning will then be updated on a Friday by Mrs Devitt. We are providing an overview and do not need work submitting to us on Dojo. I'm sure you can understand that we will be very busy teaching groups of children throughout the day.
Tuesday- My favourite Zoo animal (Literacy)
                - Measuring crocodiles (maths)
Wednesday- Zoo animal label writing (Literacy)
                       - Farm ordinal number (maths)
Thursday- What am I? (Literacy)
                  - One more or one less (maths)
Friday- Rhyming activity (Literacy)
            - Number bonds to 10 (maths)
A new collection of books has been assigned to everybody on Epic! This will now be a class assignment instead of individual groups.
Phonics sessions will continue to be available, details follow below.
For children who are staying at home, RWI phonics sessions will still be available.
Daily lessons will be available at 9.30am and all lessons are available for 24 hours. All films will be in separate categories on the YouTube channel.
For a new schedule or guidance on Red Words and Read and Hold a Sentence, head to the website:
From the 15th June, hold a sentence sessions will also be available. We teach these in addition to teaching the sounds in class so it's great that you'll also be able to now access these at home. Hold a sentence 1 will be ideal for anybody who was previously bringing a phonics book home.