Websites to support learning at home

If you would like to continue your child's science learning at home, there is a Facebook page that has been set up by a leading science practitioner called 'Science at Home'. It will contain a range of home learning ideas to help promote and extend your child's love of science! I will be keeping an eye on it and sharing anything that I find specifically interesting on here!
Follow the link above to engage in fun and exciting interactive lessons using NowPressPlay at home.
Whilst you are all learning from home you can use your headset (like we do in school) or listen through your computer speakers to participate in a variety of subject specific lessons. The site has an 'enter free' box on the right which allows access to all children and a password box which gives you as a Stoneydelph pupil the school registered access. Enter the password below and you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities. Enjoy!
Password: nowpressplay

Dave the Dog is worried about Coronavirus


Please find below a link to a story called ‘Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus.’

This is a resource which has been shared with us. It is a short visual story for parents to use if they want / need to talk to their children about coronavirus. It is aimed at younger children, but it would still be accessible to older children, if needed.

We are sharing this resource so that you have it available to use at home – if you want to and feel it would be helpful. It is probably best used if your child/ren have started to talk or ask questions about coronavirus. The story will tackle many of their concerns or questions in a straightforward and reassuring way. You may not feel that you don’t need to use this resource with your children at this point – that is, obviously, absolutely fine – it is just being shared with parents so that you have it should you need it.