Upper Key Stage 2 Year 6

Hello Year 6,
Can we begin by saying how proud we are of you all, your perseverance and bravery whilst continuing your learning at home is inspiring to us all back at school.
This time next year you will be coming to the end of Year 7 and all of these uncertain times will be a distant memory. 
Keep your spirits up and keep smiling, knowing that you are all fabulous young people.
We will see you very soon.
Big hugs from
Mrs Hall, Mr Madhoo, Miss Nagra and Mrs Bakewell
Welcome to the Year 6 page

Firstly, before you even begin to navigate the page each day, I urge you all to stay safe and follow the guidelines that you will have seen on TV or heard your family talk about. Learning from home will be an exciting journey for us all, and certainly one to talk about over dinner, but staying healthy and well and sticking to a routine is the most important message everyday.
Your teachers and teaching assistants will try their best to make home learning as educationally fun as possible for you and we will see you all very soon. . . . trust me Mrs Hall knows best!
Big 2 meter apart and socially distanced hugs :-)
Mrs Hall, Mr Madhoo, Miss Nagra and Mrs Bakewell
Year 6 Mathematica needs your help! 

Game - Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica

Choose a character, then add, subtract, divide and multiply your way to victory in this fun maths game.

Challenge yourself across 10 different KS2 maths topics from the Mysterious Mountains of Multiplication to the Deadly Sea of Shapes. If you're feeling really brave, test your maths abilities in the Battle for Mathematica.

Are you ready to take on the Times Table trials? Put your times table knowledge to the test by answering questions against the clock.

Battle courageously and you'll be rewarded with many great riches to apply to your character.

Find the link below:



Keeping yourselves fit – 'PE with Joe'


Joe Wick is going to be putting up 30-minute PE lessons called ‘PE with Joe’ every morning at 9:00am. Here is the link to his channel ‘Body Coach TV’ and hopefully you will join in, as we will be here at school.


I will not post this link each day but if you come back to this post, then you will find the link.



Here's a great book for you to either read yourself, read to someone or have read to you!
The perfect crime - it's a work of art, in Frank Cottrell Boyce's ingenious story, Framed. Dylan is the only boy living in the tiny Welsh town of Manod. His parents run the Snowdonia Oasis Auto Marvel garage - and when he's not trying to persuade his sisters to play football, Dylan is in charge of the petrol log.
Click the link below to access this great book online!

Meteor Shower and Satellite pass by.

 Hi guys, Mrs Gill here, I thought some of you might be interested in this!

If you are allowed to stay up late at the moment, why don’t you ask you mum and dads if they will go outside with you and look for meteorites and passing satellites. Tonight and tomorrow, it should be possible to see the Lyrid meteorite shower and the passing by of the starlink satellites.

The Lyrid meteors streak across the sky between April 16 and April 30. The peak of the Lyrid meteor shower will be overnight on April 21-22, NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told Space.com. As with most meteor showers, the peak viewing time will be before dawn, but the Lyrids will be visible beginning at about 10:30 p.m. local time.


To view the satellites the best time is around 9.30pm looking from West to East. They are quite close together and look a bit like a line going across the sky. They will be moving and will be reasonably close together.  Happy star gazing!




Exciting Learning Opportunity

As you may have seen on the newsletter, I have managed to arrange a live stream with Dr Tim Gregory. He was on the astronaut challenge with Suzie Imber, who visited us a couple of years ago and he also took part in our most recent Flat Stanley project.


He is a Cosmo-chemist, Research Scientist and Public Speaker. We would like you (and your parents) to think of some questions to ask him during our livestream. I will choose the best questions and ask them to Tim. If you would like to submit a question, please send it to me at; pta@stoneydelph.staffs.sch.uk as soon as you are able to. 

I will put a link on to Tim’s website so that, if you wish, you can find out a bit more about him.


Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Gill