Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage 1!
Teachers in Key Stage 1 are:
Mrs Collins & Mrs Parry (Foxes Class)
Miss Philpotts (Hedgehogs Class)
Mr Brookes (Badgers Class)
Support staff in Key Stage 1 are:
Mrs Thomas
Miss Kidner
Mrs Deeley

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Some home learning packs have been added to the Kids' Zone pages.


Stoneydelph Primary School uses the scheme 'Read Write Inc' to teach pupils phonics and reading skills.

Miss Sara Fox leads 'Read Write Inc' in our school. She runs a workshop for parents in the Autumn Term to explain how phonics is taught in school - so that you understand what your children mean when they talk about 'Fred Fingers' for example! If you have been unable to attend the workshop or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact Miss Fox.

You could also find out more information on the following websites: or

Your child will bring a book home to read that is changed each week. The book has been used in class that week so that the children have knowledge of it and can build up confidence and fluency with their reading.

When your child has completed the 'Read Write Inc' scheme, they will progress onto reading a range of books which may include titles from the 'Story World' and 'Oxford Reading Tree' schemes. We do not use these books as a set scheme but use them as part of a wide range of reading resources.
Follow the link above to engage in fun and exciting interactive lessons using NowPressPlay at home.
Whilst you are all learning from home you can use your headset (like we do in school) or listen through your computer speakers to participate in a variety of subject specific lessons. The site has an 'enter free' box on the right which allows access to all children and a password box which gives you as a Stoneydelph pupil the school registered access. Enter the password below and you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities. Enjoy!
Password: nowpressplay

Hi everybody! Today I have created an Epic! account for your child. If you check your emails, you should have received an invite (please let us know if you haven't). 

We shall be using Epic! across the school to track your child's reading at home.We will then be assigning fun stories for your child to read or listen to, at the end of the story, most stories have a quiz to complete at the end. Once your child has completed this, it will show us which stories they have read. 

When you have created your account using the invite that I have sent you, look in your mailbox for the list of books assigned to your child. This may take a few days whilst your child's teacher is learning how to do this. 

Your child is welcome to read any book on the app, but please ensure you also read the books we assign as they are specific to your child's reading group.


Happy reading!

Miss Fox