Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage 1!
Teachers in Key Stage 1 are:
Mrs Collins & Mrs Parry (Squirrels Class)
Mrs Garlick & Mrs Tyson (Hedgehogs Class)
Miss Philpotts (Foxes Class)
Support staff in Key Stage 1 are:
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Jones
Mrs Heaton

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Some home learning packs have been added to the Kids' Zone pages.


Stoneydelph Primary School uses the scheme 'Read Write Inc' to teach pupils phonics and reading skills.

Miss Sara Fox leads 'Read Write Inc' in our school. She runs a workshop for parents in the Autumn Term to explain how phonics is taught in school - so that you understand what your children mean when they talk about 'Fred Fingers' for example! If you have been unable to attend the workshop or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact Miss Fox.

You could also find out more information on the following websites: or

Your child will bring a book home to read that is changed each week. The book has been used in class that week so that the children have knowledge of it and can build up confidence and fluency with their reading.

When your child has completed the 'Read Write Inc' scheme, they will progress onto reading a range of books which may include titles from the 'Story World' and 'Oxford Reading Tree' schemes. We do not use these books as a set scheme but use them as part of a wide range of reading resources.

Learning for Key Stage 1

Week beginning 1st June

 As we have extended our school opening for Early Years (including Daycare, Nursery and Reception classes) Year 1 and Year 6, all staff are now busy in the classroom every day teaching the children that have returned to school.  This means that learning will be organised in a slightly different way.  Below you will find the learning for the week for each year group.

Much of the learning is  from ‘The Oak Academy’ – a website of lessons online that has been created by the Government to support learning at home during the pandemic.

 To find the lessons:

Search:   Oak National Academy

Click on ‘Classroom’     Click on ‘Schedule’

Select your child’s year group – this week is Week 6   1st June 2020

Select the correct day and click on the lesson – follow the instructions.

 For all year groups:   As well as the learning below for this week, there are also some great activities in the ‘Activity Club’ section – Art club, Jamie’s Farm, Cooking in Bite Back 2030, Faith at Home and Scouts.  If you have a go at any activities, please e mail us photographs!

*Year 2 (and any Y1 pupils not attending) additional learning this week is science and geography based and will be for display when we all return to school:   Find out as much as you can about the River Tame and display all the information however you like.

Year 2 / Year 1 (not attending)


Hedgehogs & Squirrels can complete the first 5, length and mass, maths lessons:

Foxes can complete these lessons (Summer term – Week 2 (w/c/27th April)

Maths tasks have been set on the mymaths website that you will find easier once completing the above lessons.  If you need reminding of your mymaths password, please send Mrs Garlick a message on Dojo, she will get back to you ASAP.


Hedgehogs & Squirrels see following link:  (Instruction writing – Sam’s Sandwich)

Foxes see following link:  (Genre Focus:  Instructions)

 Year 2

Monday: English: Scroll down the page and go back to Week 1 (20th April) Monday English: ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ To retrieve information and Week 1 Tuesday English: ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ To find the meaning of words.

Art: Scroll down the page to Week 1 (20th April) Friday: Investigate Colours

 Tuesday: English:  Scroll down the page and go back to Week 2 (27th April) Monday English: ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ To make inferences and Week 2 Tuesday English: ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ To make inferences

Art:  Scroll down the page to Week 2 (27th April) Friday: To go on a texture hunt

 Wednesday:  English: Scroll down the page and go back to Week 2 (27th April) Wednesday English: To Identify features of a character description

Art:  Scroll down the page to Week 3 (4th May) Friday: To make a self-portrait using natural or recycled materials (we’d love to see pictures of these – email them into school!)

 Thursday: English:  Scroll down the page and go back to Week 2 (27th April) Thursday English: To Identify and use expanded noun phrases

 Friday: English:  Scroll down the page and go back to Week 2 (27th April) Friday English: To write a character description about the White Elephant


At Stoneydelph Primary School, we use Read Write Inc. to teach the children how to read and write.  RWI phonics lessons are available on the RWI YouTube channel:

Read Red Words 1 is suitable for children in Mrs Dyble, Mrs Devitt, Mrs O’Neill and groups

Read Red Words 2 is suitable for children in Mrs Garlick/Mrs Tyson, Mrs Collins/Mrs Parry, Mrs Thomas’ groups

Read longer words is suitable for children in Miss Philpotts guided reading group.

Each lesson is 10 – 15 mins long and available for 24 hours.  Films are available at 9.30am every day.

National Home Learning
On Monday, the BBC will be releasing daily lessons for children.  The Department for Education have supported this and believe it to be sufficient in supporting children's learning at home.  We encourage all families to look at and use these resources whilst at home, to further support learning if they so wish to.
Muck, Mess and Mixtures
This half term, our topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures. 
Here are some activities that you could try out at home over the next few weeks:
Do a materials hunt inside, or out in your garden. 
Draw and label a diagram - wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper, cardboard, paper. 
Think about why certain materials have been used.  Would you change the material used for something else?  Would you use wood instead of glass for a window pane?  Why? Why not?
Have a messy mixtures morning/afternoon (in the garden, or bath!) create messy mixtures from:  cornflour and water, body lotion, soap flakes, clay, play doh.  Explore the mixtures with your hands and feet.  Describe how they feel, move, pour etc.  Do you like how they feel?  Why?  Why not?
Test out different soap products e.g. washing up liquid, bubble bath, hand wash, washing powder, a bar of soap, soap flakes etc.  Use whisks, straws, sponges etc to make bubbles.  Which soap product makes the biggest/smallest/foamiest bubbles?  Make a prediction before you start!  Once you've made the bubbles, talk about the colours that you can see.  Do the colours change?  Do the bubbles form patterns?  
Investigate a range of everyday materials, such as salt, wax, flour, cornflour, clay, sugar, cooking oil, glitter and shaving foam.  How do the materials change when mixed with water? Make predictions before mixing.
Investigate capacity. Fill a variety of plastic bottles with coloured water. Predict which bottle will hold the most water,  order the bottles from largest capacity to smallest capacity. Measure 100ml of water into containers of different shapes and sizes and compare how the water looks in each container. Use the correct mathematical vocabulary, including words such as more, less, full, empty, litre and millilitre.
Make marbled milk paper. Pour a thin layer of milk into a tray and add drops of different food colouring. Add washing up liquid to the mixture and use a cocktail stick to swirl the colours. Put a piece of paper that is the same size as the tray on top of the mixture, then lift it out and leave it to dry.
Read the book George's Marvellous Medicine, if you were to make a medicine, what would you put in it?  What would the medicine do?  Maybe you could make it, but just don't try to drink it!
We have attached 5 weeks worth of reading and writing packs below.  We hope that you find them useful!
Follow the link above to engage in fun and exciting interactive lessons using NowPressPlay at home.
Whilst you are all learning from home you can use your headset (like we do in school) or listen through your computer speakers to participate in a variety of subject specific lessons. The site has an 'enter free' box on the right which allows access to all children and a password box which gives you as a Stoneydelph pupil the school registered access. Enter the password below and you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities. Enjoy!
Password: nowpressplay
As we enter the 6th week of home learning it is becoming more important for us as teachers to be monitoring the learning that is taking place at home, so we can be fully prepared for when normal schooling eventually resumes with this in mind a few updates and changes are happening.
This week teachers will be making phone calls home to those children we have no record of completing any online learning tasks. This does not in any way presume that other learning activities have not taken place. The aim of the phone call is to check in with you and offer any support or help that might be needed.
All KS1 parents have now been sent a paper or email request to sign up to ClassDojo. If you have not, please contact the office to leave an up to date email so the invite can be re sent. From now on, more online learning will be set via ClassDojo than on the school website (as it has been in previous weeks). Dojo allows us to request evidence of completed tasks and monitor each child’s progress more carefully.
It goes without saying all the staff miss the children hugely. We are very grateful to you all for supporting your children at home - the job of home schooler is a very tricky one!
Fingers crossed we see you all soon.
Take care, stay home and stay safe.
The KS1 Team x

Hi everybody! Today I have created an Epic! account for your child. If you check your emails, you should have received an invite (please let us know if you haven't). 

We shall be using Epic! across the school to track your child's reading at home.We will then be assigning fun stories for your child to read or listen to, at the end of the story, most stories have a quiz to complete at the end. Once your child has completed this, it will show us which stories they have read. 

When you have created your account using the invite that I have sent you, look in your mailbox for the list of books assigned to your child. This may take a few days whilst your child's teacher is learning how to do this. 

Your child is welcome to read any book on the app, but please ensure you also read the books we assign as they are specific to your child's reading group.


Happy reading!

Miss Fox

Cooking Monday 4th May 2020

Hi Children,

Mrs O'Neill here, I have carefully selected some recipes that you can complete at home. Each day we will post a new recipe, perhaps you could ask your grown up to take a photo of you cooking and then email it to your teacher. There will be a prize when we return to school for the best photos of your cooking experiences.

Today we are going to try Oat and Raisin Cookies. I can't wait to see how you get on!

Cookery - Tueday May 5th 2020

Today’s recipe is Omelette popovers! Wow these look delicious.

Cookery  06/05/2020

Today we are going to try something healthier but sweet. Perfect for a summer picnic in the garden. Don’t forget to send us your pictures of you creating them! Enjoy!

Cooking Thursday May 7th 2020

Two recipes for you today, one sweet, one savoury.

Bread and butter pudding and Roast potato wedges- enjoy.