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Lower Key Stage 2

Welcome to Year 3 / 4.  Would you like to see some of our learning?

Year 3/4 Summer Computing Project - Stop Motion Animation


Over the summer term, our year 3 and 4 children have been looking at and investigating styles of animation. They have studied different styles from computer generated animation to the more traditional cel animation and the good favourites of stop motion animation.


They have explored how these styles of animation are made and what skills and patience they require. After making mini flip-books (many of which are on display in our Computing Suite), many have found a new appreciation for the work that goes into our much loved and favourite Disney films.


Following on from this general overview into how many of our popular films are made, children started to plan and then create their own stop motion animations based on a technique called cut out. This is where the work is laid flat on the floor and characters and props are moved by a fraction of a millimetre at a time and a photograph taken between each movement. The camera takes the image from a bird’s eye point of view, being suspended from a stand in a clamp to ensure a consistent set of images.


The children worked extremely hard to produce a set of photos that could then be linked together using computer software and played back in quick succession. This creates a digital flipbook and tricks the eye into thinking that the images are really moving. On average, children took over 360 usable photographs to produce these 20-30 second short films, taking over 4 hours, across 2 days to take. Browse through the photos of the children working through the project. The films below are the final product of 12 weeks of work for our children and they should be exceptionally proud of what they have achieved.

Stop Motion Animation Project Photos

Plane Ride!

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

The Dolphin Ship

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

The Playful Kitten

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

CRASH! Beep, Beep!

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

A Volcano Erupts!

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

Two Playful Dolphins

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

Spider Fright!

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

Out for a Stroll

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

Web Spinner!

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.

Penguin Slide

A Year 3/4 Stop Motion Animation Film.



To help us learn about British Values and The Queen, we had a special red, white and blue day. We were all allowed to wear these colours to school and we had a very important visitor. Peter Armitage MBE came to school for the morning to talk to us about his award. He told us what he was awarded it for and he told us all about his experience of meeting Her Majesty and receiving his award. We found out lots of information about famous and not so famous people who have been given awards and we even got to choose who we would nominate if we could give an award.

We have had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day, with our Science Fiction theme. Here are some photos of our fun.

An overview of our learning in Year 3 / 4 this year.

As part of our topic learning we have made an erupting volcano!

Creative Maths

Creative Maths 1 In creative maths we've been making 2D & 3D shapes
Creative Maths 2
Creative Maths 3
Creative Maths 4
Creative Maths 5
Creative Maths 6

As part of our learning about Prehistoric man, we investigated how they moved stones. We did this practically on the field and tried three different methods.